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    Discussion in 'Main Orgasm Discussion Forum for Men and Women' started by Time, Jul 18, 2017.

    1. Time

      Time Active Member

      Last friday I did the sedona method and my libido skyrocketed. This only lasted for a short time though. During Sunday I could feel my libido slipping away, and by Monday it was gone again.

      I took a blood sample on Monday, and one of the things i tested was testosterone, making it the third time I test it. The normal range is 9 - 29 nmol/L (but keep in mind this probably includes what's normal for 80 year old men as well). The first time I tested I got 13.0, which is seems too low for my age, but that was before I started working and had other issues such as vitamin D deficiency. The next test I took (some months later) showed 26.0, which is really good. In fact, doubling the testosterone values are pretty much unheard of. At this point I felt hopeful that I'd solved my low T by exercising and supplementing vitamin D etc. However, the latest results showed a testosterone of 13.4. It's really bad for a young man that does what he can to stay healthy.

      So it seems like I do have an issue with testosterone, only that it seem to vary a lot. Last few days it's become clear how much it affects me in a lot of areas, not just libido. Last Friday to Sunday my energy was very high. I only slept 5-6 hours during the night and always woke up completely rested. Today I instead woke up after 8.5 hours feeling very sluggish. It's so frustrating when it is like this. Had I always been in this low energy state, then I wouldn't know any better and probably wouldn't suffer as much. But now I know what it's like to feel amazing, yet there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it.

      Right now I think the testosterone explanation is the only one that makes sense. I think the reason why other things such as the Sedona method or cold showers can help is because my testosterone is already about to hit the peak, but they help it by giving it a small boost. That's why the same techniques doesn't work when my testosterone is low, even with that boost it's still not going to be high enough for my body to function optimally.
    2. Time

      Time Active Member

      Took some more blood samples, this time other hormones were included other than just total testosterone (SHBG, LH, etc). I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing, but the results looked fine. My testosterone levels aren't really optimal, but they're not really low enough for me to blame my libido problems on either. I don't know what to do next. I've done so much to improve my life last two years, yet my libido continues to slowly worsen. At this point I doubt I could experience having a real relationship and sex life with a woman. I also doubt I'll ever have any success with KSMO if I don't fix this problem.
    3. Time

      Time Active Member

      I think I finally solved my libido problem, once and for all. Seems like it was the damn vitamin D all along. After gradually seeing my well-being worsening I decided to try an experiment. I took a much higher dose of vitamin D than I have done in a long time, and within hours it was like I was reborn. The last few days I've seen pretty much all my symptoms go away, even the ones I didn't realize I had. I can't believe it was that simple...

      Some changes I've noticed the last few days:

      My libido is the highest I can ever remember it being. It has been high previously, but back then if I ejaculated it would go away for at least a day. Yesterday I ejaculated three times and it didn't feel forced at all. I did it before going to bed, and I was already horny again before I fell asleep. Another thing I noticed is that I "last longer". It takes a longer time for me to ejaculate from stimulation, despite being more turned on. This makes me certain that premature ejaculation is mostly a hormonal issue.

      My energy is much higher and I require less sleep. The last 3 months or so I've made no progress at the gym, despite really trying. But the first time after taking the vitamin D I made noticeable improvement on all my lifts. That's just crazy progress in one day.

      More resistant to cold. It was -15C today and I didn't freeze at all. It felt like 0C did before to me. Very convenient during winter!

      Another kinda minor thing I never realized until now. Lately I've had problems peeing. I had to force the pee out a bit, and I could never get the lasts drops out. I've heard this is a typical issue for older men, but I never realized it applied to me a little bit as well. This would make it seem like it's also a hormonal issue.

      There are a lot more benefits I've noticed, but I'm not gonna bore you with them all. The only "downside" I've noticed is that my appetite is way up, like 1000 more calories a day. So to summarize, I feel like a much better human being right now!

      Now I should be able to start my MMO practice again. Hopefully I'll have some progress to share in a not too distant future!
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    4. Steve2018

      Steve2018 Member

      Awesome news Time. I am so happy for you!!
    5. 7chiccan

      7chiccan New Member

      Time , sounds like your on track, how many milligrams of vitamin D are you taking?
    6. Time

      Time Active Member

      Thank you!

      Right now I'm taking 25000 IU / 625 ug. This may be a bit higher than what's considered safe in the long term, so I'm gonna have to get the levels checked regularly. Previously I took around 2500-7500 IU depending on season. Turns out that wasn't enough!
    7. 7chiccan

      7chiccan New Member

      That is more than I have ever heard. Here's hoping you get to have personal time to develop your skill with the protocol.
    8. Time

      Time Active Member

      It was quite a while since I wrote something, but that's because I've had nothing to say. I was also a bit ashamed of my last post, I shouldn't have celebrated my victory so early.

      What happened was that I felt amazing when I started taking the vitamin D. I don't doubt at all that I had a deficiency that needed to be fixed. However, it didn't quite work out the way I had hoped. A week later my energy crashed, and everything went back to normal. The positive thing is that there seem to be a improvement happening over time. It doesn't act the way you'd expect, with a gradual smooth improvement in symptoms. Rather, what seems to be happening is that the time between my "high energy" periods is getting shorter and shorter. Last time it was only 6 days, whereas in the past it was usually at least 2 weeks. There are also some improvement when I'm not in a high energy period, but it's very random so far.
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    9. Orb

      Orb Well-Known Member

      Nothing to be ashamed of Time. From the sound of it, there's progress and that's always worth celebrating.

      Are you still using Sedona and Wim Hof? How are they working out so far?
    10. Time

      Time Active Member

      Wim hof? Nope. I used it for a while in winter, but due to my health getting worse slowly, my cold tolerance also did. It got to uncomfortable eventually, and occasionally it felt like was having a minor flu afterwards, so I stopped. I came to this realization when one day my body was just working optimally (I believe it was the day I wrote that hopeful post). When I walked outside to the bus it felt like 0 degrees C outside, but when I looked up the actual temperature, it was -15C. It was then I realized how much my cold tolerance is affected by how I feel. So now I will wait until my health problems are resolved before starting Wim Hof again.

      Sedona method? Yeah sometimes when I think it's beneficial. If there's a specific issue that's bothering me then I may use it. It's very useful for that, but it doesn't do much for my physical health.

      Unfortunately, I've noticed that exercise is really bad for me. At least for now. I went to the gym a few days ago and a few hours after I got home I just crashed. I really enjoy working out, but if it makes me feel worse rather than better, then I don't know what to do.

      Lastly, I started having some casual session again a few days ago. It seems that when my body is working properly, my progress is super quick. Yesterday I had a nice experience. I was stimulating the shaft, and after about 10 minutes my dick became super hard and I had the "butterflies" sensation spread from my belly. It plateaued after maybe 15 seconds and felt pretty good for a while, then it died down. Was it a very minor orgasm? I don't really know, maybe it was just the "p-waves" that the aneros community talks about. A very pleasant experience anyway, hopefully my libido doesn't crash and reset my progress again.
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