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  • Forum Use Tip How do I make my really cool pic my "avatar"?

    Discussion in 'START HERE and Click EVERYTHING as soon as able' started by Sky_walker, Nov 4, 2012.

    1. Sky_walker

      Sky_walker Administrator Posing as a Moderator Staff Member

      Simply go to your account page and upload an image of your choice.
      1. So you click on your username up near the top right of your screen. Or click here: http://www.multiples.com/orgasmforum/account/
      2. Have your previously prepared witty, spiritual or an image of some personal significance of at least 200x200 pixels in a known place on your computer.
      3. Click on on the image just to the right of where it says Avatar.
      4. A dialogue box will pop up, select "Use a custom avatar" and click on the browse button, navigate to your selected image on your hard drive and select.
      5. click okay in the dialogue box.
      6. click save at the bottom of your account page.
      Too easy!
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    2. Jack

      Jack Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger™ Discoverer Staff Member

      Thanks very much Sky_walker for another lucid explication! Gday

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