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  • First phone session with Jack

    Discussion in 'Multiple Orgasm Trigger Phone Coaching Experiences' started by Orb, Jul 13, 2016.

    1. Orb

      Orb Well-Known Member

      Gold Nugget - Results of a Multiple Orgasm Trigger Training Forum Newbie's Free Phone Consultation with Jack*
      *(A personal service offered to every New Member of The Multiple Orgasm Trigger GLOBAL Training Forum™ -JJ)

      As I felt my progress had started to fall short, I reached out to Jack on his very generous offer
      for a free 5-minute consultation*. I was feeling quite spontaneous and sent him an email asking if he'd be available tomorrow, figuring I was probably not giving him enough time to schedule. To my surprise and delight, he replies with "how about right now?". Now that's express service!

      As Jack calls me up on Skype, I'm being met by the voice of a very calm yet energetic man. There's an instant feeling of trust, and as we speak I get the feeling of being genuinely well taken care of.

      Firstly, he tells me about how to do a session. The instructions are clear and precise, exactly what I need. Then he asks me to do a round so that he can review. I proceed to do so, and get a green light on the pronunciation of my Key Sound, just to make it a little louder. At each round, he asks me if I can feel any response, which I do. I tell him that the tingles creep up my spine, go to my head and land in my forehead (at the 3d eye location). He replies very encouragingly and my self-esteem with the practice receives a huge boost.

      What's interesting is that I initially wanted to do the consultation to get my KS reviewed, but what I walked away with was so much more. He showed me, and had me do the complete cycle. Perhaps most valuable to this is the introduction to the perineum massage. He told me the amounts of breaths to make, how to do the breaths, how to do and hold the stimulation (and where), and had me repeat a few cycles and asked for my response. This is exactly what I needed!

      Now there's NO doubts or question marks on my practice. I know exactly what do to, and that I'm doing it correctly. Finally, I have established a solid routine that I KNOW will take me where I want, I just need to water it and let it blossom.

      Afterwards I did a session (as suggested by Jack), and it was one of the most enjoyable and successful sessions I've had. The response felt more like tingles and shivers than I've felt them before, and were so alive and dynamic. I could HEAR the energy flowing in me.

      I'm extremely thankful for this fantastic gift, that is KSMO and Jack's time. I STRONGLY suggest using your consultation with Jack, as he helps you remove any questions and worries there might be in your sessions, as well as check that your Key Sound is in check. To me, the greatest thing is to know that my sessions are solid, and all I need to do now is put in the time. I don't need to worry anymore about possibly missing out on a certain superior technique in my practice, or flaw in my KS.

      Thank you Jack!
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    2. Jack

      Jack Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger™ Discoverer Staff Member

      And Thank YOU for letting me know your GREAT NEWS Right Away!!! :Joy2

      I have set my KSMO TRAINING FORUM™ option for this thread to instantly send me a copy of any updates you post, so I may continue to track and celebrate your continuing progress in your practice! IN-JOY!!! ;):D

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