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  • Arousal seemingly out of my control

    Discussion in 'The lounge' started by Essence, May 25, 2018.

    1. Essence

      Essence New Member

      I find my attention frequently grabbed by the pulsating of (what I believe to be) my prostate. It regularly responds to arousing thoughts, but it also possesses its own road map that my conscious mind doesn't have sight of. What I mean by this is: while it responds heavily to what I consider arousing thoughts or images, it also responds to its own stimulation (e.g. it will pulsate, I will become aware, and that will initiate a self-perpetuating waves), and it responds to things I have not considered arousing. Frequently these things are memories of particular events or people which have caused me some tension if life. I can only understand this to be confrontations with what Jack calls "furballs," but I could be completely off.

      Outside of the causes, I can't help but be a little concerned about how much focus these waves call for. The arousal will take my attention, and go about its own process at times. Especially if I'm laying down in bed, or sitting down without a task in front of me. Part of me thinks it would be unhealthy to try and stop what apparently is looking for expression, but I also don't want to overwhelm my nervous system with frequent activity. While I'm not indulging in KSMO (nor physical stimulation) at the time, I'm still giving myself the mental and sensual space to feel what comes, and that in itself seems to invite this arousal/activity (as if can't help itself from knocking at the door.)

      Has anyone else experienced this? Would you be willing to share experiences that might provide insight or advice?
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    2. Orb

      Orb Well-Known Member

      Hi Essence!

      How far have you come in your practice? In my experience, this is a part of the rewiring process. It can be quite an intense period but also enjoyable, it'll pass.

      Furballs are generally blockages, the primary blockage that appears to be here is your resistance to the energy itself.

      Isn't this what our body does pretty much all the time though? Sometimes the body gets aroused from seemingly nowhere, then it's hungry, and suddenly you need a bathroom break. At other times you'll have a task at hand but your mind keeps wandering. Then there's that particular thing you just don't want to think about, and all of a sudden you can't get it out of your mind!

      My advice is to relax and just allow your body to do what it does - you'll love it!
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    3. Essence

      Essence New Member

      Orb, thank you for your thoughts and advice.

      It is funny.. Our bodies do what they do (and one of the few things we can be certain of is that this will continue.) These days I'm far more active (recently uncovered a passion for juggling,) so most of my sedentary moments don't call for the same conscious aversion highlighted in my original post.

      I haven't spent much time under concentrated practice, but one thing I have noticed is how my body now differentiates arousal. This has been distinguished in moments following ejaculation. The pulsations I spoke of in my original post now continue (sometimes during) and after ejaculatory orgasm. Let me note: this has not been intentional. I rarely use key sounds, and I never use them during physical stimulation.

      It's a strange thing to find yourself still somehow charged after ejaculation. I don't want to continue messing around with this arousal, but it reminds me of the grounds from which any desires have grown. If I give you my take, I'd say that's nothing to sneeze at.
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    4. Jack

      Jack Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger™ Discoverer Staff Member

      Thanks very much for this valuable post, Essence!

      What you're experiencing is actually quite common, especially when you're rather new to the accurate practice of KSMO... that is, when you're really beginning to allow your erotogenic system to really awaken to its full potential.

      The early days concerns you're expressing are actually quite common among relatively new KSMO practitioners... and they may at times feel somewhat discomfiting. Typically this tends to ease up a bit after a while as your erotogenic system awakens and recalibrates as you learn to gently and slowly breathe into these energies.

      If you find them to be at times discomfiting, just pause your active practice of KSMO for a few days, or perhaps even a bit longer, as your erotogenic system awakens its deeper realms and recalibrates in relation to your comfort and preference.

      That's a valid and understandable concern as you proceed through your early awakening of these heretofore lifelong quiescent energies.

      Typically the intensity of these spontaneous rushes will tend to become more quiescent and subtle as they become more familiar to you, and thus less troubling and ideally more fun! :)

      As you continue to search through the KSMO archives on the site, and attend live discussion chats with me and fellow practitioners in our monthly training sessions, they will likely become more familiar and thus more comfortable and enjoyable for you.

      If you find that for a while this does not seem to be the case, just take a break from active practice and read the stories of other newbies through the years as they describe the power of these awakenings.

      I look forward to reading your continuing documentation of your experiences and insights as you slowly and gently explore your practice.

      By all means send me an email to jack@multiples.com whenever you make a new post and include the link to your new post so I and other fellow KSMO practitioners may continue to assist and reassure you.

      Wishing you all the very best that Life has to offer,
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    5. Essence

      Essence New Member

      Alright, now I've definitely reached a new point of no control.

      Today I had been quite aroused throughout, had encountered some emotional processing (been cleaning out childhood home the past year after my last parent died), and practiced juggling for a few hours. This activity allows for quite extensive energy movement, and disappearance into ecstasy.

      About an hour ago I decided to indulge in the built up arousal and simply masturbate to some porn. I gave myself some time to build up arousal by first spending a lot of time lightly scratching my inner thighs, hovering my lower ballsack. Then of course came direct penile stimulation, stroking, you get the idea.

      The strangest thing happened. As I ejaculated, I knew the orgasm had reached a definition never yet found. I was so invested in this emotional connection I had with a fictional lover inspired by the man on the screen. This emotional connection was a pulling, on the verge of a painful reeling in (but in the best of ways.) I yelled out for quite a while, and then started to get shocked by the continued orgasm. The sensations were not stopping, and were taking on a new form in their persistence. I just couldn't stop repeating "oh my god" as I remained hard a good amount of time after ejaculation; as the sensations--the gravitation--the sparks.. all persisting, far through the one doorway I was certain could end arousal. My voice, which has been especially low the past few days, started to rise as I continued stuttering "oh my god." Truly, I sounded like Mickey Mouse. Eventually the exaltation started to become exclamations from the chills I was feeling. Three minutes after ejaculation and I was almost scared to stop moving my body so much.

      Has this happened to anyone? I've not incorporated the technique in any serious manner, just one or two times every couple of months. I certainly hadn't turned to it today. How can my orgasms and arousal persist after ejaculation when I don't even use the technique? It seems as if my rewiring is taking place solely from sensual attention. I'm not complaining by any means, but I never imagined this outcome from such inconsistent practice.
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    6. mog

      mog KSMO Grandmaster OMG Staff Member

      Hi Essence,

      Continued orgasm following an ejaculative orgasm (presumably normally successful)? Wow! Envy! As a matter of interest, is that followed by the usual refractory period?

      There's no doubt, as Orb points out, that a progressive rewiring of one's nervous system can cause some unexpected and even traumatic occurrences (terror at the gates), although your particular reaction is not one that I'm familiar with.

      For myself, I've recently progressed into an entirely new but somewhat different experience from yours, of what I call “orgasm lock” where a single top-of-the-range dry orgasm can sometimes last up to around two minutes at sustained peak sensation, without any prompting from me until it starts to subside naturally. This is just one of the many amazing surprises that have come my way in my MMO career.

      For myself, I've never been badly affected by any one of the novelties that I've encountered on my KSMO trail, in fact, quite the opposite, so I've learned to take the surprises as they come. Maybe one day there will be something I cannot cope with but meanwhile I just lie back and enjoy!

      Should you be somewhat concerned over your unexpected tangential offshoot of normal orgasmic experience I feel sure that you will eventually come to terms with it and bend it to your own particular desires. I've never encountered anything down the trail (this far:eek:) that I've not been able to control.

      Good luck, and keep writing!
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    7. Essence

      Essence New Member


      Thank you for your post. It's funny; each time I come back and reread my last post I think "wow, I was far too concerned then." The extended orgasms following ejaculation have not continued. But, during the few occasions, the refractory periods did follow. The energetic dips were deep, to say the least. I'm not one to verge on sleep after ejaculating, but these instances introduced exceptions.

      Does your orgasm lock offer any hints it's on its way?
    8. mog

      mog KSMO Grandmaster OMG Staff Member

      Does your orgasm lock offer any hints it's on its way?

      I can't say what, if anything, my new experience of “orgasm lock” is pointing to. Although, now, each of my sessions guarantees as many readily available, infinitely perfect dry orgasms as I desire the very nature of each orgasm's sensational qualities can vary extraordinarily. Consequently, apart from a consistent and ongoing gradual escalation of immersive intensity from one session to the next, I never know quite how any session is going to develop and I'm quite used to being surprised, even somewhat scared, by extreme turns of events which frequently push me beyond familiar levels.

      I therefore have resigned myself to giving up trying to look for any pattern along the MMO trail and have learned to expect the unexpected and revel in the novelties, excitements and scares as they happen.

      Judging from the eloquent accounts here of many MMO trailblazer's their orgasmic careers can take such different courses to make comparison difficult.

      Sorry I can't provide a decent answer to your question. Try me with something else!:D

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