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  • A place to meet other KSMOers in your area.

    Discussion in 'Suggestion box' started by korkelz, Feb 14, 2018.

    1. korkelz

      korkelz Active Member

      Would like to meet other KSMOers.

      Are there any KSMO practitioners in Arizona, US? Any in the phoenix area?

      KSMO is great, I think it deserves a bigger following. One way to do that is to bring it to a live audience.

      I would love to teach KSMO. I would love to start a group on Meetup.com perhaps. I don't think I'm ready to be a KSMO leader, but... I think the idea of creating local communities could expand KSMO adoption a lot.

      Last night I was thinking about Laly, who passed away. Her KSMO story is amazing. I started thinking about this and thought "oh my god, I wish so badly I could have met Laly in person." And then I thought "well wait a minute, what if there are other people (KSMOers) out there that I would love to meet?"
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