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The Multiple Orgasm Trigger Program™ includes an online training and discussion Forum. This service provides an area where members, using a pseudonym of their choice to protect their actual identity, may speak candidly about this intimate subject. People share their experiences of using the method, as well as posting any questions they may have.

The Forum is also a great resource for people who haven’t purchased the program yet, and want to gain a sense of how the members of the Forum community support each other.

Full viewing and posting rights are included in the purchase of the Multiple Orgasm Trigger program.

Sharing Experiences

The main area of the Forum is dedicated to members sharing experiences of their practice of the method. Most members create one or more threads which they use as a personal journal of their experiences and to request and receive assistance from fellow members and from Jack. These threads frequently evolve into a documentary of a member’s individual journey of exploration and realization of the full potential of their sexuality.

Live Chats

There is also a live chatbox in the Forum that is open 24/7. This feature may be accessed from each Forum page. This chatbox allows members to have conversations in realtime.

Once a month there are realtime chats hosted personally by the discoverer of the method, Jack Johnston MA Psychology. These hosted chats occur on the first Saturday of each month, at 17:00 UTC.

The chats are archived and accessible in the Forum and are a valuable resource in their own right. This archive has proven to be especially helpful for people who are new to the method.

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Archive of Wisdom

The Multiple Orgasm Trigger™ Forum offers not only a place to discuss experiences with current practitioners, but is also a great resource. Jack’s hosted chats date back to 1995, and the Forum was founded in 1997. For registered members, the Forum offers a search function for easy access. All of this content is immediately accessible. The information remains relevant and is of timeless value.

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