The Multiple Orgasm Trigger

The Multiple Orgasm Trigger is a simple to learn natural technique that allows you to bypass ejaculation, thereby allowing your orgasms to continue for as long as you like, no squeeze techniques, last-moment breath-holding, tensing up or other ejaculation blocking methods necessary.

This Unique Method is Designed For

  • Men and Women desiring to enhance their erotic pleasure and intimacy
  • Solo or with a Partner
  • All Sexual Orientations
  • Relieving Premature Ejaculation
  • Sexual Trauma Survivors
  • Men and Women with physical disabilities
  • Alleviating addiction to pornography

The Multiple Orgasm Trigger Program™

All that is required are two or three 20-minute practice sessions per week in the privacy of your own home.

When you order this program you receive

  • A 17-page ebook: Very Important Tips
  • THREE 1-Hour Audio Programs and a standalone Archive of the First Ten Years of the Forum via instant download
  • Full access to the Forum with searching and posting rights, including Q & A
  • Monthly access to an online real-time Discussion Chat hosted personally by Jack
  • A vibrant  Forum Community of fellow practitioners, from Newbies to Veterans with many years’ experience
  • A 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

What Professionals Are Saying…

Christiane Northrup MD
Author: Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom

“This is revolutionary!”

David Ramsdale
Author of: Red Hot Tantra

“Jack offers an excellent step-by-step guide… His approach will help women as well as men.”

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Our 60-Day money back guarantee makes it easy! Since 1994, this program has been helping men and women enjoy dramatically more fulfilling sex and intimacy.

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Use This Breakthrough Method to

  • Enjoy multiple orgasms at will
  • Last longer in bed
  • Savor more passionate and fulfilling sex
  • Enjoy orgasms that will last as long as you desire

What Program Users Are Saying…

I purchased Jack’s seminar in 2000, and I’ve been on a wonderful journey of unfolding pleasures ever since. Even though I had been recovering from an old spine injury, and suffered from chronic pain at the time, I was still able to have my first multi-orgasmic experience within three weeks of practice!


Not only am I amazed at the seminar package, I am also impressed with the level of information Jack offers through his website. Jack and the community of people that are helping one another is unlike any other….

-Mrs. A

“This is the real deal! I have never had so many orgasms in my life. One rolls into the next one. It’s insane. My libido has increased so my wife is happy too. Being able to last longer in bed is only the beginning.”

– Longshanks

About The Program Founder

more fulfilling sex lifeThe program was founded in 1993 by psychologist Jack Johnston, MA after discovering the multiple orgasm trigger method and seeing the profound and life-changing impacts it was having on his audience.