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Posted via Text Message on 20140720 by Multiple Orgasm Trigger™ Newbie, "Surl"

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Holy Cr*p I can't IMAGINE what's down the line!

I'm sitting quietly, catching my breath, and wallowing in the trough, letting the next wave COME!!!

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Posted in 2003 by Multiple Orgasm Trigger practitioner, "Mrs B"

I would like to say that Jack's program is written for both men and women as it has to do with arousal, not gender. I have practiced the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger™ and have noticed tremendous effects in my own intensity of bliss.

Meanwhile, this program teaches techniques that for men do not require any willful ejaculation prevention or control of any kind. Everything else I have seen on the Web has been about ejaculation prevention, which I believe reduces the openness of the intensity.

Jack's discovery makes traditional ejaculation control obsolete!

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Posted in 2013 by Multiple Orgasm Trigger™ practitioner, "DKismet"

I accidentally came across Jack's audio course while searching the web. His method was very simple and practical, leaving me a bit skeptical.

A couple of days later I gave it a try, using the basic information I remembered. After a few minutes of self stimulation and applying the technique, my hands began to tingle. A minute later, I found myself feeling tingling, pressure–like sensations all over my body, focusing primarily on my hands, sternum, and head.

As the sensations became stronger, my vocal expressions became deeper and louder. I continued until I was so overwhelmed by this feeling I literally could not move anymore - pleasantly paralyzed by orgasm with no urge to ejaculate.

Jack’s Multiple Orgasm Trigger™ is a great way to keep your sexual appetite energized while always being ready for a partner. Totally simple - and completely mindblowing!

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Posted in 2003 by Multiple Orgasm Trigger practitioner, "Pan"

I purchased Jack's audio seminar in 2000, and I've been on a wonderful journey of unfolding pleasures ever since. Even though I had been recovering from an old spine injury, and suffered from chronic pain at the time, I was still able to have my first multi-orgasmic experience within three weeks of practice!

Since then, I have been opening up to more and more pleasures that I never knew I was capable of. As promised, I'm able to have all of the multiple orgasms I want without ANY use of ejaculation control or PC muscle squeezes, etc. Jack was right, there’s NO sense of a "Point of No Return," whatsoever!

I had studied Tantra and other methods in the past and always found them to be overtly complicated and difficult to master. What Jack calls the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger™ or KSMO™ was the simple, direct approach I had been searching for.

I still have yet to find anything out there like it. It was surprisingly easy to learn, but after three years of practice I'm amazed at how much I am still discovering in my practice.

I had always imagined multiple orgasms would be just like having multiple ejaculations. But the sensations I get from KSMO™ are so much more joyful and intense than what I had expected, and even more intense than any other I'd ever experienced before in my life!

The orgasmic pleasure seems to wash over my entire body, wave after wave, for several minutes at a time. I am able to remain in this state for long periods of time without effort or "holding back."

Sometimes I even feel these wonderful rushes of pure joy pouring out of my heart. It is as if I'm bursting with love. At Jack's website, they call these feelings "Heartgasms," and that's just what they feel like! It's as if my heart is having an emotional orgasm. I wish I knew how to describe this feeling in words. But it's unlike anything I've ever felt before.

For me, the best thing about KSMO™ is how it allows me to totally relax and let go in the midst of incredible pleasure and arousal. It's just an amazing feeling to experience orgasm after orgasm without having to maintain control of my body.

I can enjoy all the pleasure I want without worrying about "the point of no return," or squeezing the right muscle at the right time. This way, I am able to be fully present with my wife when we make love. Instead of taking turns pleasuring each other and then finishing with a "Big Bang," we share our orgasms together and ride these waves of pleasure over and over again until we feel completely satisfied.

Finding satisfaction together in this way has spilled over into so many other areas of our marriage. We feel more in sync as a couple and more able to express our love for each other. I could just go on and on about all the ways KSMO™ has improved our lives.

Whether you are a man or a woman, young or old, single or in a relationship, if you are looking for a simple way to have multiple orgasms and enjoy sex more, I highly recommend this program! You may just find that not only does it help you learn to feel more pleasure, but also to become able to be more open with yourself and with others.

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Posted in 2002 by Multiple Orgasm Trigger practitioner, "A C"

I had been researching ways to heighten my erotic responsiveness. Lots of writings promise the same great results, but – bottom line – THIS is the seminar that got me there. IT WORKS. There is a learning curve, but with patience and practice, I picked up great abilities and have sensations that take sex to a whole new level.

There is even a free support website that includes an extensive training forum containing hundreds of "Gold Nugget" posts that are highly informative and helpful, and free monthly live training chats hosted personally by Jack Johnston himself, where you can anonymously ask questions and trade pointers with other learners.

Am I a "satisfied" customer? That is DEFINITELY the word!

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